I gotta say, you said you would make it on the club side and you pulled it off. I was wrong.

Tasha [to Ghost]

I chose you over Holly. This time motherfucker, you need to choose me.

Tommy [to Ghost]

Our pursuit of St. Patrick and Egan as the killers, it's over. It's done.

Knox [to Angela]

She goes down, we go down with Angela.

Ghost [to Tommy]

Tell your husband to forget his plan to get rid of me or he will force my hand.

Milan [to Tasha]

Hugo: You were supposed to kill him.
Tommy: I guess I forgot.

Tasha: You keep showing up here in the middle of the day like it ain't nothing. Ain't you got a god damn job?
Angela: I do. Putting murdering drug dealers in jail. What do you do?

I ain't working with that Tony the tiger looking motherfucker, Dre.


Family is important to him. And what's important to him is important to me.


Ghost: Remember we talked about it. Real men apologize.
Tariq: So you want me to apologize to her like I did to your side bitch, right?

Look at Angela. You'll find the proof. She's involved.


I know this means a lot to you, James. Get the money.


Power Quotes

Tommy: The only reason you calling me now is because you ain't got nobody. That's why you lost today.
Ghost: Tommy, I say we put our differences aside and take Jason down together.
Tommy: Go fuck yourself. And the next time I see you, Imma cancel Christmas on your ass.

Tariq: Put your hands on ma one more time, and I swear to god I'll murder you myself. I promise you that.
Ghost: You can't talk to your father that way.
Tariq: Don't get it twisted. You might have given me life, but you were never my fucking father.