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My dad said if I promised not to look bored he'd get me ice cream on the way home!


Honestly, I feel like it's just another situation where Max needs something so I don't get to do something that I want.


She's going to need an entire winter wardrobe, too. She doesn't even own mittens.


You know, I was only screwing around when I said music saved my life. That's not the truth. You did.


Well, this could be your only shot of looking cool, so you might want to take it. You never know.


I'm trying to be very respectful of her privacy, even though she is living in my house and carrying my baby.


I didn't realize you could do an entire interview in the two minutes I was out of the room.


Joel: Why do we still have a home phone. The only people who still have it is telemarketers.
Julia: And my parents.
Joel: Exactly.

Sarah: Why don't you guys ask Mark?
Crosby: Who's Mark?

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