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Wow! They're from Bob. I'm just kidding. They're from your mom.


Sarah: No. Besides going to Mexico once on spring break, I haven't really been anywhere.
Mark: It sounds like we have some traveling to do.

Kirsten spent all year training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


Joe found the house. And I haven't said yes yet. He's been looking to buy for a while. And, whether or not I'm included in this house is open for discussion, which is why I'm here, because I didn't want to make a decision without talking to you first.


No, Amber, you're not in here because these are people that I'd otherwise forget. You're not in that category.


It's a shame about her face. It's not pretty. And it's not gorgeous. Not at all.


Do you think my baby brother can sleep in my room sometimes or do you think he will always sleep in your room?


Look it, Millie. I know you've been worried. You and me are together, it's so good. And then, I go see this doctor and he puts this grenade in my lap and says here, there ya go, here's the rest of your life, how about that.


Handling drunk guys? It's my specialty.

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