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I hope it fits me; this left boob is a little bigger than the right.


Kristina: You know what the problem is for mothers?
Sarah: Daughters.
Kristina: Daughters.
Julia: Amen.

Drew, listen to me. You are a Braverman, OK. Its genetic, you have the moves you know what I'm talking about. You have it in you.


Sarah: It's about flowers right?
Amber: I think it might be about your vag.

Why do you insist on making every mistake I made?


You left your sock in my house, but took my granddaughter's innocence. Here's your sock.


I'm an irrational hard ass with rage issues. Don't piss me off.


Amber is from a broken home, so that means she doesn't know a serious relationship from a sandwich yet.


Sarah: Why does she hate me mom?
Camille: Daughters hate their mothers; I think it's the law of nature. But you know what, then they come back.

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