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She fell asleep about two hours ago. I've had to pee for about an hour.


It's also spore free in there so feel free to take deep, deep breaths.


Julia: I can count on one hand the guys I have slept with.
Sarah: One hand?

I am both excited and terrified! I'm gonna grab another beer.


You know I was so wrapped up in convincing you to move and just being heard that maybe I didn't listen to you enough.


Hank: So you're saying it's Asperger's fault. Do I have every right to be mad at Asperger's?
Dr. Pelican: Yes, you do.

4D! Do you know how huge they are? 4D are you kidding me? And I'm movin' out of mom and dad's today. I gotta play the lottery!


OK. Just for the record? These are not the world's best waffles.


Amber: What's the apartment like?
Drew: Sad. It's like a whole complex of Uncle Joels.

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