Krystal: OK, are you, like, blind? 'Cuz this girl looks nothing like me. Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger, and secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a 10.
Sarah: 7?
Felix: She has a point about your hair.

Ira: Who is this?
Ferdinand: Hello.
Rachel: He's just a toy.
Ira: He has his socks on.
Rachel: What do you want, Ira?

Technology is subject to natural selection too, Evie. It changes. It adapts. You're an engineer, you know that. Shh, shh. You built it. Let it take you.

Dr. Ian

Scott: Cosima is cut off in a Neolution power vacuum and he calls in a beautician?
Hell Wizard: Sweet move, right?

Krystal: I'm sorry, who are you again?
Sarah: I'm Sarah, I'm your clone.
Krystal: Right, whatever.

Controlling evolution is the ultimate power.


But I am, like, sick of being yanked around by my brain at this point -- chain at this point.


I think we have two factions of Neos with competing technologies, bots versus clones. And if we are not careful we are gonna get screwed again.

Mrs. S

You want for me to kill this Evie Cho?


Donnie: Allison thinks we've been hiding out long enough. I don't think the frontier life agrees with her.
Helena: She has the shits.

You're not immune to me, you cockroach.

Rachel [to Sarah]

You are betraying me. You are betraying your sisters and you are betraying yourself.

Susan [to Rachel]

Orphan Black Season 4 Quotes

OK, well, that's cheeky. Cause of death? Have to go with... exploding cigar.

Janis Beckwith

M.K.: Follow the coordinates.
Beth: What?
M.K.: Remember, don't trust anyone next to you.