Mommy... They're coming.


Welcome home, sestra.


Alison: But she didn't share every little thing, she protected us.
Cosima: Like from a clone in a mask. What's up with that?
Sarah: Art just said she wore a sheep mask. What?
Cosima [laughing]: Dolly the sheep.
Alison: For the record, I do not find that even remotely amusing.

Alison: Is that a penis?
Felix: In art it's called a phallus, darling.

Donnie: She's changed her hair, obviously.
Helena: Because it was too ugly.

Doctor: So, Mrs. Hendrix, how have you been feeling?
Helena: A little tired and many farts.

Can you hand me the towel please, so this gets a little less "Flowers in the Attic"?


Alison: This is Helena we're talking about here. She eats frozen bread and she's murdered people.
Donnie: Well... so have we.
Alison: That's different. Helena's trained to kill people. We're manslaughterers.

Cosima: I need you to tell me that Delphine is alive.
Mrs. S: I can't do that, love.
Cosima: The last time I saw her, it felt like she knew something bad was gonna happen.
Mrs. S: But that doesn't mean that it did. You must know that this is a war, right? That means anything can happen.
Cosima: I just miss her so much.