It looks like Pluto. Pluto isn't even a planet, you know. It's a runt. Like your eye.


They never tell me when things are bad but I always know.


Donnie: Alie, we are not going to exhume the dead guy in our garage. That is a haywire plan.
Alison: Donnie, my sister has a robot maggot in her face. You tell me what the solid plan is.

She is so bloody cool. You are going to think she's amazing. She's a lawyer. Or she was, but there's some kind of, like, disbarment situation or something...

Felix [about Adele]

Perhaps she's upset because her pituitary hormone therapy has given her facial hair.

Ira [about Rachel]

Alison: What?
Donnie: I said, it smells like hot garbage juice!

Adele: Do you remember your mom?
Felix: It's more like I have a sense of her. Like, you know, I can feel her presence, or I got this sensation. Beam of sunlight comes through the window and falls a certain way.

Hello, husband Donald.


Cosima: You killed Aldous Leekie?
Donnie: Boy, did I ever... Yeah.

Susan Duncan: Everyone needs a purpose in life. Ours is all in service of the greater good.
Rachel: What is it, Mother? What is our greater good?
Susan Duncan: To control human evolution, darling. To create a more perfect human being.