You came to me an orphan. That's all you'll ever be.

Siobhan [to Sarah]

Lord, I know I've been a horrible sinner. But we need hope now. We need-- Oh, fudge! Fudge it. Fudge me.


Percy sought to bring science to the task of breeding a better human. You're sleeping in his very room. Over a century ago, he built the facilities downstairs. I built on top of him, and now Evie Cho builds on top of me.


Mommy left again.


You should know better. Everything is gonna get worse if Sarah goes off the rails. You like it or not, but she's the glue that's holding us all together.

Felix [to Mrs. S]

Hell Wizard: There you go, listen to your lab partner.
Cosima: Yeah, she's dead too. No offense, Scotty.
Scott: Some taken, actually.

Yes, it's fortunate you found such an ineffective means of suicide, Ira.


Do you actually think Neolution would let a clone take a position of real importance?

Evie [to Rachel]

Tito: What's your story?
Dizzy: Well, I'm a clone. There's twenty-two of me going around out there.

That was for Kendall Malone. And this is for Beth.

Art [to Duko]

Mrs. S: But she'll be back.
Kira: No, she won't. This time she's following Beth.

Sarah: Oh, shit, I'm talking to a dead person. Are you going to follow me for the rest of my life?
Beth: Tonight's our last night, I hope.