Go give him one of your pirate-y heart to hearts and make him feel better.


He's here. Get him out of my life. Now.


Now tell me what you want before I give you a second hook, Hook.

Lady Tremaine

Jacinda: Come on Victoria, I'm trying here. People should be given second chances.
Victoria: Second chances are not given. They're earned.

Rogers: Can you tell me who this woman is?
Henry: Uh, yeah, she's a character in a book of fiction.
Rogers: Yeah, I understand that, but I feel like I've met her before.

Hook: He's growing into a fine young lad, and he's lucky to have a mother like you.
Emma: He's lucky to have a pirate like you.

Henry: Always watch the blade. I got it.
Emma: Wow. I'm impressed. You fight like your grandfather.

Regina: I still can't believe Emma really agreed to this, or Snow or Charming.
Henry: They realize stubbornness runs in the family.

Henry: Uh, hello.
Lucy: Are you Henry Mills?
Henry: Yeah, who are you?
Lucy: My name's Lucy, your daughter.
Henry: I don't have a daughter.
Lucy: Yeah, you do. Now come on, you're family needs you.

Henry: Excuse me, is this Roni's?
Roni: I sure hope so, or else I put the wrong sign out front. I'm Roni, what can I get ya?

Regina: Henry, are you sure about this? I was hoping after high school you would think about college.
Henry: I know, but college isn't going anywhere. I just, I need to do this. Operation Cobra is over, we did it. We have our happy endings.
Regina: So, then why leave?
Henry: Because I'm still the author. I've been writing everyone else's stories. I need to figure out what my story is. It's not here, not in this realm.

There's just one problem. All magic comes with a price.