You look happy Papa.


It's all my fault, I found Henry and tricked him into coming here. And now, now I'm going to lose him.


You do realize I don't serve shots of Strawberry Milkshake.


Henry: How, exactly, can I help?
Ivy: By being who you are. Deep down, you might not realize it, but I think you could be the hero I need.
Henry: Well, then. Let's drink to euros.

The painting is brilliant Alice. The calm before the storm.


Regina: Hey, how are you? How's Lucy?
Henry: She's stable, but she's not getting any better. Me? There's nothing I can do to help, so there's that.
Regina: Hey, don't give up. Lucy needs you right now. She needs your help; even she can't ask for it. I may not have known you long, but I can tell. You're a believe Henry. Even if you don't know it. Just like Lucy.
Henry: Yeah, well thanks for the pep talk.

Henry: So, would Lucy say she is . . . Dr. Doolittle . . . Dr. Strange?
Jacinda: More like 'Doctor takes her sweet time.'

Dr. Sage: I know what you're thinking: These things will kill ya!
Jacinda: Dr. Sage, any test results yet?
Dr. Sage: As soon as I have something, we will come to you.

Drizella: A curse is coming. On your darling child's eighth birthday, all your lives as you know them will end.
Hook: Perhaps you misread the prophecy, love. You missed the part were we defeat you.

Henry: Where's my mom? She should have been here by now.
Drizella: Oh, Regina's fine. She's just a little... detained.

Victoria: Don't even look at me.
Drizella: No! No!

Drizella: You betrayed me?
Gothel: Well, you should have listened to your mother then.