Belle: Will you be his Fairy Godmother, and will you take him somewhere safe? Somewhere far away from all this.
Emma: Belle, what are you doing?
Belle: Rumple won't ever stop. This is our son's only chance. Please take him. Just, until this is all over.
Blue Fairy: But you don't know when or if that will come to pass.
Belle: I believe it will. I have to believe it will.

Rumple: Why did you abandon me?
Black Fairy: Funny that the Dark One should ask such a thing. Sometimes you have to choose power over love.

Zelena: Why even bother saving me then?
Regina: Because that's what heroes do, Zelena. They save people. Even the people who have hurt them in unimaginable ways.
Zelena: So this is about Robin Hood. You still blame me for his death?
Regina: Yes, that's exactly right.

Rumple: When we met, I told you I was a difficult man to love. But more than that, I think I'm a man no one can love. This son, William - I can start over. Maybe he can love me.
Belle: Not like this. Don't give up, Rumple. I never wanted you to be perfect. I just wanted you to try.
Rumple: I did! And look what's happened. I've only ever pushed you away. Now I'm afraid all I really have is this - magic.

Belle: I know you want me back Rumple, but its never gonna happen.
Rumple: I know. But I cannot lose another son Belle. I won't. Not if I can stop it.

I've come to stop you from ruining another one of your sons' lives, like you did with Bay.


It looks like evil does beat wicked.

Evil Queen

I'd be a poor excuse for a pirate if I didn't recognize squid ink when I saw it.


You don't really expect me to kill my own flesh and blood for you?

Evil Queen

Emma: He's gonna be okay, isn't he?
Regina: You mean...
Emma: With or without me, he's gonna be okay.

I'm not hiding. You may not see it, but I'm strong. Because my moms taught me that family makes you stronger than you'll ever be by yourself. But that's something you'll never have because you'll always be alone.


Evil Queen: Because unlike them, Henry, I'm giving you a choice. You may not have magic, but this does. And you can save them with it by smashing the Dragon's heart.
Henry: But the Dragon's an innocent. Darkening my heart, it wont make me yours.
Evil Queen: But you'll be that much closer to understanding who I am.

Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Love, true love is magic and not just any magic but the most powerful magic of all.