Ruby: You're acting like you're the only one who ever lost anything or anyone. You're not the only one who almost died or watched the love of their life choke on her own blood. Or who took months to feel semi-normal because being normal is something I'll never get to be. This isn't about just you, Cesar.
Jamal: Some of us are collateral damage in your shit.
Cesar: I don't need your disrespect.
Jamal: Whoa. You don't even get it. Just being your friend is a liability. Then don't be.
Monse: Oh. Hey let's not go there.
Ruby: But we're there. Look in the mirror and remember who you are. Cause we don't work for you. We aren't the Santos. There is no hierarchy in our friendship where we work for your respect. You want respect, go hang out with those dudes on your front porch. But real friends call you on your shit.
Cesar: Leave. I release you. I don't want to be anybody's liability.

Jamal: I found the money to help save Cesar. What did you do?
Ruby: I took a bullet for him.
Cesar: Hey, I didn't ask for help. Then or now. I can't believe how selfish you all are being when my brother, who was trying to protect all of us, is now probably dead because of us. You know what? Just go home. I'd rather do this by myself.

Hey, this is just a one-time thing, right?


Cesar: Thank you.
Monse: For?
Cesar: Tú eres mi vida. 

Cesar: it's a good plan. 
Ruby: It's the only plan.
Cesar: You sure about this, compa?
Ruby: Ride or die.

Santos member: This shit ain't never going to jam. I rode with your brother. I'd ride with you too.
Cesar: I know you will.

Ruby, I can't imagine my life without your father, without any of you. Families fight. But you have to fight for family. You never quit on them. 


Look. I like the D but not the ick and you're being a dick


Cesar: We're going to deal with this before if hits them.
Monse: Wait, what do you mean we're going to deal with this?
Cesar: She needs to go.
Jamal: That's not who we are.
Cesar: You're right. That's not who you are. Which is why I'm going to do it.

Cesar: Just go out there and find him! 
Santos: Hey, we got you lil' Spooky.

Nah, you know what's not fair? It's that you guys complain about my brother and the gang, but as soon as you need him, you come begging. Well, I'm not sitting on my ass while Oscar's out there saving all of ours.


Oscar: Do you want to be a shooter or a shot caller.
19th Gang Member: Both, bitch.