My name is Chris McQueen and this is my house.


Come play with us, Wayne.

Psycho Kids

Tabitha: I've got eyes on Bing Partridge.
Officer: Assistance is 20 minutes out.

Get the gas, Bing. It's time to load up the Wraith.


Eight years, and the first thing we do together is build a bomb.


Vic: Hey, you guys made it. Hey, bats. Are you OK? I'm so sorry I wasn't there.
Wayne: Whatever, I'm fine.
Lou: Glad to see you're alright. You here for a visit, or to stay?
Vic: To stay.

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Well, we meet again, Bruce Wayne McQueen.


Yes? Abe, you foul old rummy. I've told you before I don't want anymore clients from you. You're joking. Well, in that case, I would be honored to meet Charles Manx. Who is Vic McQueen?


Maggie: You're here ... and in one piece.
Vic: So are you. I didn't get Manx. I tried.
Maggie: It's OK. He has to get through all of us, so we'll stop him instead. OK?
Vic: OK.

Cassie: You have his wounded soulful eyes.
Charlie: I have wounded eyes.

Charlie: You must be Bruce.
Bruce: Don't call me that. Nobody calls me that.

Cassie: You will always be my NOS4A2.
Charlie: The whole picture was some silly, nasty man creeping around in bedrooms, giving women lovebites.

NOS4A2 Season 2 Quotes

Bing: You know, I tried to play nice. I told you I was an enthusiast.
Henchmen: Well, let's do this. Help me get it in.

You be good. I love you.