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Alex: This mission felt right, it felt good.
Nikita: Do you really think Percy's going to let you hang on to that feeling?

Alex: All I had to do was press a button. Kalumay, the lab, Jaden, it would have all been gone. I would have been free and clear.
Nikita: So what stopped you?
Alex: You did. I asked myself 'what would Nikita do?'

Nikita: Round two.
Anya: Do I have to beat you again?
Nikita: Cocky, I like that.

Not so bad for a couple of cover girls, huh?


Percy: Pull them from the compound and send them to the summit.
Michael: As soon as they finish surviving, sir.

What is this, spy 101? Just do it.


I'm an agent all over again. Wasn't that some sort of fantasy of yours?

Anya: And the trigger?
Kalumay: There's an app for that.

Once you're free you'll be alone for a while. I know you'll be careful, but be strong. God knows you've been for me.

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