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Percy: You were so innocent. How do you get from there to here?
Alex: It started the night you burnt my house down.

Malcolm: I'm like the kid who hotwired the cable box in the basement to get the adult channels.
Michael: He sounds like Birkhoff.

Malcolm: How soon do you need it broken?
Michael: Yesterday would be nice.

Alex is on hold in Amanda-land but she should be emerging soon.


Terminate with extreme prejudice.


Birkhoff: You need to kill Nikita. I know with tortured reluctance and everything.
Michael: Birkhoff, you look like you need some air.
Birkhoff: You think? I'm on lockdown here, confined to Division. You see those two deltoids over there? They have to follow me everywhere I go. They even follow me to the bathroom, Michael.

I am done, and so is Alex. She's Nikita's mole.

Amanda [to Percy]

Michael, if we succeed Percy goes down and you're free to go wherever you want. Like here, for example.

Nikita: Operation Sparrow. Honestly, where does he come up with these names?
Michael: The more innocuous they sound, the more lethal they are.

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