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Guardian: Give me the box
Owen: Give me your blood.
Guardian: I'd die for no reason.
Owen: No reason you'd understand.

Alex: Are you still recommending me for cancellation?
Amanda: No.
Birkhoff: Lie.

Amanda: You of all people should know the consequences of falling in love with an agent.
Michael: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Owen: I'm going to open to box. No more secrets.
Percy: Why would you do that?
Owen: Because it'll bring some light into the world, because it'll bring piece to the innocent and because it'll hurt you.

Owen: He's kinda scrawny.
Nikita: He's built where it counts, can we move on?

He's not as useless as I thought.

Owen [on Michael]

Alex: I'm just trying to find out when things went wrong.
Jaden: When you walked into this room.

Owen: You don't hide from your sins, you face them.
Nikita: It's one thing to face your sins; it's another to let them eat you alive.

Nikita: You still trying to be the invisible man, huh?
Owen: Always.

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