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Woman: "What do you want?"
Percy: "Right now? An appetizer and a cocktail."

The future is what I'm worried about.

You know I'm really sick of people saying that you're dead.


Alex: You were just following orders, right?
Nikita: My orders were to kill your whole family. I spared you. It was the first time I defied Division.

Michael: I'm 10 minutes...
Birkhoff: 5 minutes.
Michael: 5 minutes from getting out of here with a decrypted box.

Michael: You're not safe there.
Nikita: Says the man in Division.

Michael: Get out of there.
Nikita: I will babes, as soon as I can.
Birkhoff: Oh, get a room.
Nikita: Is that Birkhoff?
Michael: Yep, just like old times.

Paging special agent Nikki. Please proceed to the nearest phone and dial 626.


Fletcher: I'm sorry, sir.
Boss: Not as sorry as you will be.
Fletcher [to Nikita]: I expect you to break me out of prison as soon as you can.
Nikita: Count on it.

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