Castro altered her trial!


Look, Floyd. I just can't lose anyone else.


I don't know when it happened, but I can't really feel anything for you anymore.


Gladys: So adorable.
Iggy: Aren't they?

You know, I don't know what's worse. People addicted to their drugs or companies addicted to their money.


There's blood on all of our hands. I think it's time to wash it all off. Who's with me?


We're hospitals, killing people should be high up on the list of things we do not do.


Satisfied? I've tried to be the bigger person here.


Lauren: We're trying to solve the opioid crisis, a crisis you helped cause.
Doctor: I'm a dermatologist.

Max: I am going to change the course of the world and completely end the epidemic that has ruined the quality of life or everyone for years.
Lauren: Yeah, OK. Sure, let's do it.

C'mon, Max. It's me you're talking to. People are dying. Do better.


Iggy: Chris, why do you think this can be fixed?
Chris: Because the day I met Jenny was the best day of my life, and every day since has been better.

New Amsterdam Quotes

My sister Luna and I were born here in New Amsterdam, and eight years later, Luna died here. Hospital-acquired infection. Entirely preventable.


Max: Unlike the previous medical director, I actually expect you to practice medicine at this hospital because I don't know, that's your job.
Helen: You're funny.
Max: You said that.
Helen: I'll tell you what, I'll continue giving speeches all over the world because you can't afford the type of publicity I give this hospital. And I'll continue my on-air appearances with Ellen, Oprah, and anyone else powerful enough to go by one name because someone has to remind New York that even though New Amsterdam is an underfunded public hospital, we can still go toe-to-toe with the privates from basic care to state of the art procedures. I will be back next week with lunch at the Tavern. My treat.