Effective immediately, you are stripped of your duties as co-chair of oncology as well as deputy medical director.


Max:I'm not going to see you anymore am I?
Georgia: Every time you loo at Luna.

Georgia: You just have to say the words, Max. It's OK. It's OK to say it.
Max: You're not here.
Georgia: And you still are.

Georgia: It's what you've been waiting for. You're better.
Max: I only wanted to be better for you.

Max: Are you OK?
Helen: I'll burden you if you burden me.
Max: I'm in remission.

The warden is a results guy, and he liked our results.


Lauren: Why do you believe me?
Zach: Why?
Lauren: You have no reason to. As one addict to another, the only way you can be certain I didn't take it is if you took it.

It's true, you can't be friends while you're in here, but you can look at each other, just for a second, and remember there's more to who you are.


Iggy: First I would like to say thank you both for being here.
Sanchez: I'm just here because the warden told me to be here.
Pearl: I'm just here because the door is locked.

You keep asking me to burden you, but that goes both ways.


Helen: I didn't want to burden you.
Max: Burden me, please. Always.

No one is going to ask for care without privacy. This is part of the problem.


New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Max: What happened to play nice.
Helen: I said you play nice.
Iggy: Oh, good cop, bad cop. How appropriate. I love it.

Floyd: Is everything, alright?
Evie: I'm just tired. Give me a few nights, and I'll be alright.