Max: Why did you bring her back? Why did you give her half your department?
Helen: Have a goodnight.
Max: I want to know.
Helen: You don't want to know. For God's sake, Max. I did it for you. Everything I ever do I do it for you.

He killed seven people and now we have to save his life. Sorry. Sorry. Let's just do what we do and save his life.


Castro: I'm here to tender my resignation.
Max: Why would you resign?
Castro: My study has been compromised.

Iggy: I'm really sorry.
Daphne: For what?
Iggy: For adults not solving problems and leaving you to deal with them.

Evie: Did you make the decision to go more invasive before or after you learned George Whitley was a white nationalist? Did you make the decisions to go more invasive before or after your realized George Whitley released the toxin the Middle Eastern fair?
Floyd: Next question.

Max: Maybe it's time I stop being all things to all people.
Helen: The Max who is all things to all people is the Max we need. I need.
Max: How can I help?

Helen: I'm going to tell you something, and I need you to not act like Max the revolutionary.
Max: Which Max do you need?
Helen: Max the medical director.
Max: People really want me to pick a lane today.

From where I sit, because you wear multiple hats, one of your patients died.


Castro: Tell me I'm crazy. Did you sabotage my trial?
Helen: You didn't give me a choice.

I feel scared all the time. I can't go back there.


Why didn't you tell me that Jenna was in a school shooting?