Helen: Max, I have been your safety net for so long. I'm going to need you to start being mine.
Max: How can I help?

Ella: What about what your wife wanted?
Kapoor: This is what she would have wanted.

Helen: Turn around.
Assistant: Why?
Helen: Plausible deniability.

Max: There's something wrong with Luna.
Helen: Max, do you know what it is?
Max: they don't know. Is it something you need?
Helen: Nothing. I'll handle it.

Helen: Troy I have some bad news, the allergies you have are from the lymphoma. It means it has returned.
Troy: So back to chemo?

Alice: Hi, I'm anxious Alice.
Max: And I'm hiding behind my smile Max.

Iggy: I was gathering information so we could discuss it.
Martin: But we never did discuss it. What were you just hoping I wouldn't notice another kid at the breakfast table? 

Max: OK, listen to me, by the end of the week, you're going to have everything back, okay? Your department. Deputy medical director. In the meantime, there's your patients, the committees. We still need you here, okay? I-I need you here.
Helen: And what about what I need? Because I don't think I can find it at New Amsterdam.
Max: So what are you ... you're going to leave?
Helen: I'm looking for a reason to stay. And right now, I can't find one.

Zach: Well, this isn't awkward at all.
Lauren: If you drop me ...
Zach: Then you'll probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

Martin: He looked so happy. He always does when he's helping and volunteering, and that is so beautiful. But I wonder, do I ever make my husband look like that? Am I even capable?
Iggy: Martin, of course you are. Helping people is just a fundamental part of me. 

How often do your methods to mend hearts end up where Martin has to break them? 


Martin has asked you to change your behavior, and you love him, right? So maybe it's not that you won't stop; it's that you can't. Why can't you stop, Dr. Frome?


New Amsterdam Quotes

Zach: Dr. Bloom, you are actually a very decent human being.
Lauren: Don't tell anyone.
Zach: I, uh, I thought that I could be there for you, but I can't.
Lauren: You were great.
Zach: I took the pill. I took quite a few. I know what I've done is beyond. I know I need help. I've already lost my family and my friends. I can't afford to lose anyone else.
Lauren: When you finish rehab, don't call me. Don't email me. Don't text me. I can't ever see you again. But you know that, right?

My sister Luna and I were born here in New Amsterdam, and eight years later, Luna died here. Hospital-acquired infection. Entirely preventable.