That's going to leave a mark.

Luka [to Lasalle]

Hannah: I know where Pride's heading and I'm going to help him.
Sebastian: Do you want to share with the class?

Pride: You'd do the same thing for me.
Isler: I kind of have to say that under the circumstances.

Isler: Dwayne, what are you doing here?
Pride: I had a bunch of vacation days saved up.

These bills should be good enough to fool the militia. If not, we'll be shot in the head, no?


Pride: What is this place?
Luka: My office.

Lasalle: Are you sure we can trust this guy [Luka]?
Pride: I'm sure we don't have a choice.

Pride: We paid them $5,000.
Luka: You were robbed.

Pride: What'd you say?
Lasalle: I meant to say we mean them no harm. But it's possible I insulted their mamas.

You used to be a secret agent. I thought you'd be better about the secret part.

Pride [to Hannah]

Hannah, I'm asking you to back my play.

Pride [to Hannah]

Gotcha, Walker.