Sleep is for suckers. I've got too much to do.


You ask me what I know about Jacob's life outside this life. I know nothing.

Molly [to Hannah]

That was brave. Stupid, but brave

LaSalle [to Sebastian]

What the hell is gong on here?


Everybody's got a past, Jimmy.

Pride [to Jimmy]

Pride: Think that will make your problems go away?
Jimmy: It will keep you from being caught up in them.

Patton: It's a reminder of how bad drivers are around here.
Hannah: You've never been to Istanbul.

Pride: How you doing, Hannah?
Hannah: It's been a bit of a day.

We are going to die, Charlie, but not today.

Hannah [to Charlie]

Charlie: You make it seem so easy.
Hannah: It's not, Charlie, and I think you know that.

Steven: What should I tell them?
Pride: Tell them I'm bringing a couple boxes of the best pastries in New Orleans.
Steven: They'd better be good.

Gregorio: Wouldn't have one of those yearbook photos lying around?
Hannah: Burned 'em all.

NCIS: New Orleans Quotes

Pride: Take Brody, learn things. What the hell are you waiting for?
LaSalle: Well you did offer breakfast.

Pride: Go grab your coat and hat. We’ll take a walk. We’ll talk.
Parks: I got nothing to say, old friend.