Callen: I think he's going to be difficult to find Hetty.
Hetty: Oh, you don't say?

Deeks: Kensi don't ask me that question.
Kensi: Why not?
Deeks: 'Cause I honestly don't want to answer it.

Eric: Why is he on the coach?
Sam: New interrogation technique.

Why is your team so hellbent on finding the drama in everything?!


You're picturing my brain just now aren't you?


I just -- I got mixed emotions about it.


Arkady may have been Callen's last chance of finding out who his father was and where he came from.


The vehicle that exploded was registered to Arkady.


I've been watching you, you have great potential. And I have plans for you, Mr. Callen.


Callen: No, Hetty saved me. Everything I am today is because of her.
Sam: Well, you should tell her.

Agent Callen, he was a known felon with a gun aimed at a federal agent's head. Are we good?

Agent Rand

Callen: How do you even sleep at night?
Dallas: So you are a cop?
Callen: Even worse, a federal agent.
Dallas: You know, that's really brave of you to admit that.
Callen: Not really, 'cause now, he's gonna shoot you.