I don't think it's a Beverly Hills kind of thing. It's a health kind of thing.

Fatima [to Callen]

I do [yoga] every day for anger management.

Lance [to Kensi]

Contrary to your deeply held beliefs, we can function without you.

Callen [to Sam]

Eric: Who knew I was so good at boxing?
Sam: You're not. Not even a little.

Sam: You shoot that thing now, you'll blow this whole place up.
Kadri: That's the plan.
Sam: Fair enough.

Kadri: These guys are your friends?
Sabatino: I wouldn't go that far.

Kensi: You know we're going to be terrible parents.
Deeks: We're going to be the worst parents.

You guys. So macho sometimes. Gives me the chills.


Oh, God! Why do I feel like I have a knife in my gut?

Hetty [to Kensi]

Sabatino: Is [Fatima] tough?
Callen: I think so.
Sabatino: Well, she better be.

Callen: Tell me something, Sabatino. Why do we always find you wherever there is trouble?
Sabatino: I know. I know. I missed you too.

Eric: Am I allowed to drink this [coffee] in here?
Hetty: As long as you don't spill.