Sam: You do know how to make an entrance.
Callen: Yes, she does.

How's my little fight-club angel?

Deeks [to Kensi]

I can't leave you damn kids alone for a minute.


I'm going to just sit down for a second.


Roberta: The man's wounded.
Sam: I'm fine.
Roberta: I'll say.

Had to get in a fight in your good clothes, huh?

Callen [to Sam]

I should have eloped.


Nell: Pre-wedding jitters.
Eric: He's just acting weird.
Fatima: I'm new here so I have no baseline.

Don't toy with me, Nell Jones. I'm in a fragile state.

Deeks [to Nell]

Deeks: Let's pretend this never happened.
Callen: That's probably best.
Sam: It is nice to be loved.

Callen: Is it just me or is this day getting weirder by the minute?
Sam: It's not you.

Deeks: I love you guys.
Sam: We like you too.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Deeks: I love you guys.
Sam: We like you too.

Deeks: But what if I'm not worthy?
Callen: That has been obvious since Day 1.