My arm is only so long.

Hetty [to Nell]

Hetty's Angels have to stick together.

Fatima [to Kensi]

Roundtree: I'm guessing this isn't a typical day for you guys.
Sam: No. Most days are actually dangerous.

Do me a favor and keep your head in the game, for him, for you, for me.

Kensi [to Deeks]

Roundtree: Y'all friggin' crazy.
Sam: You're welcome.

Sam: How you doin', Roundtree?
Roundtree: Chillin', man. Waiting on a plan.
Sam: The plan is to get you back to work. Sit tight.
Roundtree: Not funny.

Whatever you do, don't move.

Deeks [to Roundtree]

Eric: Apparently he's not much of a handyman.
Deeks: Well, not anymore.

If you two don't come to Ops, I think Eric's head is going to explode.

Fatima [to Nell and Kensi]

Now go. Be gone. Fly. Out.

Hetty [to Callen]

Roundtree: Agent Namaste?
Fatima: Close. Agent Namazi.

Callen: You've already replaced me.
Sam: I wish.