Listen Deacon, I can't imagine what you're going through, I really can't, but at the end of the day what's on these walls, what's in her closet, it's just stuff, right? I mean the life that you shared, the music you wrote together, that's a different story. Nobody can take that away. That stuff's eternal.


Maddie: Eighth graders are just like seventh graders except they're a little older.
Daphne: That's what I'm afraid of.

The human world is a little more confusing.


Juliette: I'm going to kill you.
Avery: And I love you.

I'm not sure you can put a timeline on grief.


I don't think you know what it's like, being a girl. It's a lot of pressure. People expect you to be one way and if you're not, they call you names.


Daphne: Who was that?
Maddie: Just another woman interested in dad.
Daphne: Please tell me you're not interested in her.
Deacon: You two are the only girls in my life.

When people treat you that way long enough, you start to believe it. That's how shame wins.

MacKenzie Rhodes

Alyssa: Speaking of, how was your meeting with Jessie Caine?
Deacon: Speaking of what?
Alyssa: Girls who have crushes on you.

So much of it was so hard but in the end I wouldn't trade any of it. Not for the world.


Isn't it scary when the whole world says you're one thing and you're not?


They had a fantasy about you and they were shocked to find out you're a real person. How dare you!


Nashville Quotes

Gunnar: I'm just looking for a break man.
Deacon: Tell me about it.

I believe in this company. I believe in you.