You'll always be you, Brady. And what could be fuckin' lamer than that?


Hodges: Is this thing illegal?
Jerome: Is anything we're doing here legal?

Deborah: Have you changed?
Hodges: From the soles of my shoes to the crown of my head.

The world is made of winners and you.


Clean out your locker, Degeneres, we're parting ways.


Excuse me, Jerome? I was wondering if it would still be a pleasure for you to meet me but this time with your left hand?


Brady: Good old Chaz. Did he fuck you?
Deborah: You weren't born mean.

Ida: You needed to be heard last night, but you got petulance instead. I was so concerned with my bruised dignity, I acted undignified myself.
Bill: You're the most dignified human being I've ever met.
Ida: Yet it's still not enough.

Bill: Now, back off! I told you it's not safe around here!
Jerome: Yeah, about that. I don't think it's entirely safe around my house, either.

Janey: You know what I think?
Bill: I'm beginning to get a sense.
Janey: I think you were frustrated, you needed someone to blame, and when you couldn't find the killer, Olivia would do.
Bill: That's unfair.

Bill: Do you really think you're that good that you can make me eat my gun?
Brady: I'm just giving it the old college try.
Bill: [laughs] You never went to college!

Janey: You know, the killer could have taken someone elses car, committed the exact same crime. Why did you have to treat her like that?
Bill: It wasn't as bad as your mother makes it sound.
Janey: I DON'T believe you! That's exactly the way Olivia made it sound. Hostile. You were hostile to her!
Bill: Yeah, well, truth be told, she was hostile to us, too. She cared more about her stupid car than she did about her victims. She treated us like assholes.

Mr. Mercedes Quotes

God. Showing up at a job fair in a Mercedez Benz. It's a sign of the times I guess, right?


Bill: Holy fuck.
Pete: It's worse than it looks.