Glad to see you two fighting someone else for a change.

Abigail [to Tally and Raelle]

Abigail: Let's go hunting.
Libba: Love to. If you can keep up.

Tally: I did it to protect you. Please believe me.
Raelle: I don't.

Libba: It's no fun to beat you if you're not at your best.
Abigail: The feeling is so mutual.

Raelle: It was you. You reported [Scylla].
Tally: I can explain.
Raelle: You lied to Anacostia. Tally, I trusted you.

Abigail: You're powerful and can do things that no one else can. And I need your help. Please.
Raelle: OK. I'm listening.

Scylla: The Spree protect their own. We are nothing like you.
Anacostia: We'll see. This is Fort Salem. We don't fold either.

Byron: It's funny. I was looking for the grumpiest girl in the room.
Raelle: And I was wondering where that annoying ray of sunshine was.

Alder: I never needed the Hague's approval for my actions. I simply extended the invitation to accept my rulings.
Witch Doctor: Such good manners.

Witch Mother: Everywhere we went, the way the civilians looked at us, the pitchforks were almost out, if you get my meaning.
Alder: Gathering piles of wood, were they?

Izadora: Listen to me, Raelle. Right now you're a slave to your emotions and in combat, that's disastrous. Master your feelings and you will be free. Lean on us. Our canon will not fail you.
Raelle: That's what Scylla said, to let the Army make me strong.

Tally: [Adil's] cute.
Abigail: Can I eat my breakfast before you start planning my wedding?

Motherland: Fort Salem Quotes

Abigail: So this is Necro?
Scylla: So this is High Atlantic.

Listen to me. This is when you go to college. Find a girl, get married, everything nice and good. This is when I go to grind our great nation's enemies into dust.

Abigail [to Paul]