Well, this reeks of desperation. You not only lock me up, you lock my house up, as well?


Fitz: I used to think that Ted had all the answers.
Natalie: Ted does have some of the answers. Not the ones that really matter, though. See there's only one thing not accounted for in Ted's philosophy, but it's everything.

Fitz: I know you're not insane. Every time I stop at a red light or I follow the arrows in IKEA or I sit and I wait and I listen for the modem to dial up, I can see the systems that control our lives, and I feel myself being hemmed in, and I hate it. What you have to say about the world, it matters to the future.
Ted: And all I gotta do is roll over and stop fighting, right? Well, now isn't that convenient how your own interests and mine align so perfectly.

You're not saving my life, Judy, you're saving my body, and you're saving my body by destroying my life's work.


Natalie: The first time you sat with Ted, I didn't know if you were gonna come back. You have all the feelings that Ted feels: the anger, the resentment, the betrayal, the feeling that there is something wrong with the world. But you did the one thing that Ted can never do, and that is to look at Charles Epstein as a fellow human being, to look at him with a sense of empathy, to feel a sense of obligation to him, and that's what is motivating you now. I think that is truly noble.

You hold in your hands the blueprint for the public evisceration of James R. Fitzgerald, fruit of the poisonous tree. If you stick to my questions, the search warrant will be invalidated, and I'll be walking out of here.


Cole: Is that a bomb in the package under your bed, Mr. Kaczynski?
Ted: [stares at him blankly]

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Cole: Lead on, McDuff.
Jerry: Actually, it's 'Lay on, McDuff,' not lead on. People often misquote that line.
Cole: Don't you start with that language shit.

Federal agents have just informed me they found bomb making materials in your cabin, Ted. NOW you're under arrest.


Ted: Am I under arrest?
Cole: No.
Ted: Will you remove these handcuffs?
Cole: No.
Ted: If I'm not under arrest, am I free to leave?
Cole: No.

If he's the Unabomber, that's not a cabin, that's a bomb factory.


Cole: Now all I need's a damn warrant.
Cowboy: You don't have a warrant.

Manhunt: UNABOMBER Quotes

Fitz: What's pure wood?
Meeks: Pure Aryan peckerwood. There ain't no jungle bunny blood in these veins.
Fitz: Thicker than wudder, right.
Meeks: What?
Fitz: Wudder.
Meeks: Where the hell you from? Who talks like that? You all hear that? "Wudder." Christ.

You can't eat your cake and have it, too.