Chip: Close call, huh? I was a lucky guy.
Julio: If you were lucky, sir, your wife would have gotten out of the car instead of you and you wouldn't have the rest of your life to wonder what you could have done to save her.

Cut. Print. Moving on.


Sharon: He was hoping to win a million dollars.
Andy: Not worth losing a relationship, is it?

Slider: I always wanted to be on TV. But don't make me look bad.
Rusty: No. The idea is for you to look like yourself.

Reality doesn't just happen.


I'll check online with the Instagram, the Twitter and the Youtube.


Threats are the lifeblood of reality TV.


What? Because suddenly I'm not guilty anymore?


Can I ask -- are you representing Slider or your political cause?


In a car with two steering wheels driven by a married couple, we're going to have a hard time proving intent.


Mitzi: Hey! You can't cut me off from the world like that!
Julio: The world wants a break.

I'm trying to figure out if Slider was always this way. Was there was a point where he switched from street kid to killer?


Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Kid: Do you mind staying back here?
Sharon: Yes we do mind.

Provenza: Flynn, you'd better be dying.
Flynn: I'm watching you on the news. You know you look better from behind than you do from the front.