You had to stop him. So now the State gets to spend millions of dollars to do what the jerk was ready to do himself.


There's a plot twist.


I don't have time to explain. I need you to listen very carefully and answer my questions as simply as possible, do you understand?


He's looney-tunes enough to think his brother's wife broke up the band?


Brad Powell escaped with a gas can?


Change of plans. I just have one little errand to run and then I'm taking you back to the house.


Now, I'm still a terrible driver, so better buckle up.


ME: With this kind of decay it's hard to determine, but I can tell you she wasn't strangled, beaten, or shot.
Taylor: That's it?
ME: Sorry. This is what happens when you put off seeing your pathologist for a few months.

I think we're in the right place.


After all I've done here, are you really going to disappoint me again?


Writers are a bunch of nervous, high strung, self-hating crazies, calling all hours of the day or night, wanting to read their stuff over the phone.

Mr. Green

Provenza: I Mirandized him. Cause it's -
Everyone: Always the husband.

Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Wow. That was... no real direction. I'm finding it raw.


It doesn't look like robbery's the motive. Of course, in school shootings it never is.