I'm really sorry you're a bunch of hypocrites. There's my apology.


I'm not cooperating myself back into a prison cell.


Did Daniel and his gang all find Jesus at once?


I don't like how the past keeps popping up all the time and having to explain it to people.


I say we draw straws. Short one gets to shoot him.


You may want to fix that. Fine for a mirror is pretty steep.


How about revenge? You ever think about that?


Provenza: I want to go big. This could be my last wedding.
Buzz: How many times have you said that?

Sharon: Amy may have had a great hunch.
Tao: More than great. Almost inspired.

And here I thought you only came back because Captain Mary Poppins wanted a tail on me.


Julio: Stay safe
Stephanie: Will do.

Buzz: We keep hearing this guy's name.
Flynn: What this guy Emile needs to hear is a loud knock on his door if we can find out what is is.

Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Look, I'm glad we found the murder weapon, but it didn't come with a name tag and right now we are in the middle of a gang war and I need to arrest whoever killed that mother and child.

Chief Taylor

So the heroin was moved but the gun wasn't.