We are under attack. I do need your help but so does your country. I am today and you are tomorrow.


Constantine: It's ironic that you decry nationalism around the world when at home -
Elizabeth: Callister's running for President. I've heard it before.
Constantine: That's the problem with your so-called free speech. It is another weapon that can be bought and sold.

How are we supposed to keep other nations on board when they're not sure they can trust our word?


Jay: The entire UN Security Council gone? What do we do now, ma'am?
Elizabeth: We go to the White House and get into a fight.

Forget about liberals, conservatives, all that party stuff. What Americans yearn for is the leader with the guts to tell the truth and the charisma to lead us.


Stevie: So the world is ending and we're all screwed.
Blake: Which we've established.
Stevie: So what's the one thing you would do before it all collapses?

I always say my first constituent is Mother Earth.


Callister: What would you say to the person whose job is stolen or who loses her life to one of these migrants?
Elizabeth: I'd say that you're making up hypothetical people to distract from the actual issue.

Elizabeth: Best job I ever had.
Matt: So far.

We have been going for the past four years straight and next year if we're lucky we'll be in this building again for another four to eight years. We may never know silence again til we go to our graves.


Never met a politician so willing to make it easier to make running for President harder.


Big day, Pete. Try not to be a jerk.


Madam Secretary Quotes

The terrorist group Hizb al-Shahid has only been in existence for a short time, but has already perpetrated countless acts of violence across the globe including setting off a dirty bomb in Virginia. My family was at ground zero during the attack and because of that I wondered if I was the right person to stand here today and ask you for your help. Is it too personal? And then I realized, yes, it is personal to me, and to every single one of us. Because the principal at the core of the United Nations is that all people, regardless of race, color, or creed, deserve to live lives of peace, free from the tyranny of sudden violence.


Amina: It can't be that hard, writing a positive profile?
Neal: You can't a drawing without shadows. Not a good one.