I tried to avoid telling you this. I didn't think I could change things. But maybe I can.


How do you feel about polar bear feces? Because if you breath one word of this, I'll have you shipped to Hydra Island so you could weigh turds for their ridiculous experiments.

Dr. Chang

Bram: Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?
Miles: No.
Bram: Then you're not ready to go.

His name's Felix. He was on his way to deliver something to a guy Widmore.... A bunch of papers, photos, pictures of empty graves...a purchase order for an old airplane.


The Ewoks sucked.


Dr. Pierre Chang: Miles, I need you.
Miles: You do?

Third day we were here I was on line at the cafeteria and my mother got on line behind me.


Long time, no see.

Faraday [to Miles]

As long as the dead guy says there's a reason, I guess everything's going to be just peachy.

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