Wendy: I just spent my first all nighter since college. You know it's a lot easier when you're 20.
Nico: What isn't?

I want you back in my life. I don't want to walk around hurt and angry and someone I'm not.


Nico: I think Charles is having an affair
Kirby: So maybe this is the universe's way of telling you you don't have to feel guilty anymore

Victory: Promise one thing if I'm ever incapacitated, one of you will be my plucker.
Nico: I'm afraid.
Victory: If you're in a coma not a lot of grooming.
Nico: With trying to save your life and all...
Victory: If i wake up i don't want to look like Tom Selleck

Who cares what you didn't do, could have done, should've done. It's what you do now and from now on that really matters.


Come on, isn't this better breakup therapy than sitting at home and watching old movies and having a three way with Ben & Jerry?


Victory: As long as your my boss there's no point in discussing a romantic relationship.
Joe: That leaves is in a bit of a pickle doesn't it? And pickles and truffles. Not sexy.

Kirby: You should have lunch here more often.
Nico: Maybe next time you'll actually give me something to eat.

I don't want the man that I'm dating owning me.

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