Nico, I'm not going to miss out on actual work so I can stay here and be a manny


Nico: What, you're not ready to help me raise my dead husband's baby? What's the matter with you?
Kirby: Well when you put it that way

Nico: I was beginning to think you might not show up
Kirby: You got me. I was halfway to JFK then I realized I didn't have my passport. Come on, who do you think I am, Megan?

Wendy: If we're going to have a locavore Thanksgiving it's going to take planning..
Victory: and a BB gun. How do you get a meal out of Central Park anyway? Is there a recipe for stewed squirrel in here?

He may have been late to the summer of love but he was determined to be the last leaf

Joyce [about Wendy's father]

Wendy: How's the game going?
Shane: I'm not watching, it's just on in the the background
Wendy: What's going on in the foreground?

To you it's Thanksgiving, to me it's just Thursday


Shane: Do you have another pillow?
Wendy: What do you need another one for?
Shane: For your mother's face

Joyce: Who's Max? The husband?
Wendy: The dog
Joyce: Whatever happened to just bringing a bottle of wine?

Wendy [to Joyce]: The important thing is that you're here
Shane: That's one theory... can I get you a scotch, Joyce?
Joyce: Are you having one?
Shane: I'm having two

Wendy: Why do i hear a baby crying in the background?
Nico: It's Charlie
Wendy: Charlie? As in the spawn of your cheating husband and his evil mistress?

You don't understand I'd have to miss Wendy's Thanksgiving dinner... it's fantastic!

Victory [to client about designing a dress over the holidays]

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Wendy [about Maddie]: Remind me why I was so eager to hear her first words
Shane: Oh the good times will come around again darling. Soon she'll be 16 and she'll stop talking to us all together

But you can't wear green, you look like Shrek. Put it down.

Victory [to Wendy]