Lux: Baze is making a turkey the size of a toddler.
Tasha: That makes me hungry.

(to Baze) I'm jealous of how everything is so easy for you.


I'm sure my mom will confirm it. The only screw up here is me.


(to Baze) What happened to your kid being the responsible one and Sam being safe with her?


(to Lux) Whoa you don't have a license?


(to Sam) Screw you and your stupid joint.


Just think of it like a good deed. Like when you donate hair or hang out with old people. Makes you feel good inside.


Don't you get it by now Lux? For you I'd do anything.


Cate, you're over simplifying what I said. I hate when you do that. At least I tried to give an honest answer. Any chance you figured out why you married me?


Kelly: Stop talking about my sex life.
Ryan: Stop talking about my marriage.

Emma: I think I'm falling in love with you.
Baze: I think I am too. With you. Not me. That would be weird. Falling in love with myself.

Cate: What I asked you is are you 100% completely over her?
Ryan: No.

Life Unexpected Quotes

Hi Steve, who's you're friend?


Don't hate on milkshakes.