(to Valerie) Being a parent means putting the kid first. You were her mom once. Be her mom again.


I don't think I could take losing another mom. I don't think I could take losing you.


Lux: Seriously, what is your problem?
Tasha: You. You are my problem.

(to his dad) I don't want to talk especially to you. I want to find this guy and beat his head in.


(to Lux) Don't worry kiddo, one way or another the truth about this guy is finally coming out.


(to his dad) Emma's helping me. You're the one that made me choose, remember? She's my family now.


Eric: What do you want to talk about?
Lux: I don't want to talk anymore.

Cate: You don't have to be St. Ryan. You can still back out.
Ryan: I am not a Saint.

Most girls in junior high have their first kiss playing spin the bottle, mine was with him.

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