Baze: How long did it last?
Emma: What?
Baze: The affair with me dad. How long did it last?
Emma: Four years.

Lux: You can't stop me from seeing him Cate.
Cate: Yes I can because I am your mother.

(to Baze) Emma? She had an affair with your dad.


(to Baze) Isn't this like kidnapping or something.


Eric, after Trey I just want to thank you for being an adult in Lux's life that she can trust. That I can trust.


(to Emma) Well, the truth always comes out eventually.


Cate: I'm making French toast.
Ryan: That's fine. The fire alarm will wake me up.

Aren't we supposed to be on break from work?


(to Ryan) Rise and shine.

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