Let's just sit here and drink in silence like normal people.


Rog, you know hurt feelings are the first sign of love.


Murtaugh: So what got you through it?
Riggs: Miranda. I was lost until I found her. You know, she saved my life. You see that's the difference between Jackson and I. I had a guardian angel looking over my shoulder.

You try to apologize to a guy, and he's not even around to hear it. You gotta keep me in the mood, or I'll lose the feeling.


Riggs: Do me a favor, though. Trust her like you trusted me, yeah?
Jackson: Did she help you out, too?
Riggs: Let's just say she understands complicated.

Riggs: On the bright side, we're still alive, which means Jackson's not completely crazy.
Murtaugh: Trying to blow up the building, and that's normal to you? By any chance did you two exchange numbers?
Riggs: We're taking it slow, Rog. You know, one step at a time.

Listen to me. Wise men don't jump off buildings, and baby, you're a very wise man.


I need you to tell Trish something, okay. Tell her my dying words. She cannot remarry. She has to die alone. And tell her she has to fire Desmond.


Jackson: You look pretty damn calm for a man with a rifle pointed at him.
Riggs: That's not my first time.

Then the silence becomes deafening. Nothing to say. No one to say it to. Here I am just listening to the trees again.


I know you're Mr. Crazy under fire, but I need a little heads up on kill zones.


It's a sad truth that most of the patients who take part in these clinical trials are trials are broken. Long before they take the medication.