See that, detective? This is a crime of love.


Leo: It's not another man, is it?
Roger: Well, not one you have to worry about.

This wedding may be rough, but I'm dying to know what kind of woman will marry Leo Getz.


Riana: Dad, I'm going to the DMV to retake my test, and I thought I could use a little last-minute pep talk.
Roger: Oh, c'mon, you don't want my voice in your head.
Riana: It's already there anyway. At least give me something I can use.
Roger: Okay. Don't focus on the things that can go wrong -- all the dangers out there. Focus on the road ahead and the wonderful places that it can take you. The only drivers who never get hit are the ones that never leave the house.
Riana: I'm going to get hit?
Roger: No, no. I'm saying if you're too scared then you'll never go where the road is trying to take you. Get it?

You are the one who took her driving and scared the hell out of her.


Riggs: You caught your big fish here. How's it feel?
Roger: Not too good.
Riggs: Why's that?
Roger: He didn't do it.

It looks like your killing machine is a bit constipated.


Riggs: He's messing with my head, I know that.
Cahill: You don't have to be in Texas for that to happen. Every move you make is a response to this guy. You're letting him control your life.

Molly: For as long as I have known you, your dad has cast a dark shadow. He walks into your life and you smash everything you've worked hard for, and it hurts people. I mean, he's never going to go away so how are you going to live your life?
Riggs: I don't know.

Everybody makes mistakes. And everybody deserves a second chance. You just have to figure out if that's what will make you happy.


Cahill: At least you were trying. That counts for something.
Riggs: Does it?

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Now I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom.