If you lot don't fa-la-la-leave, I'll give you a third piercing.


A person could not ask for a better partner, a better conscience. You are literally the best person who has ever had the poor judgment to hang out with me. I love the way you laugh, and your upside-down mouth, the way your face looks when you watch movies and…


Landon: I love you, Hope Mikaelson. I loved you when I couldn’t remember you. I loved you when I was dead. I think I always will.
Hope: I love you too, Landon Kirby. I loved you when you didn’t even know it… despite the way you looked in a football uniform.

Well played. Now, it's my turn.


Alaric: Take it easy. The school's been evacuated. You're in no shape to move. You'll be safe here.
Alaric: I'm not sure. Well, headmaster Vardemus was a trojan horse for Agent Clarke. The sphinx doesn't want Landon for reasons no one can decipher, and Josie accidentally created a dark object of indetermined power.

Vardemus: As crazy ideas go, this one certainly takes the cake.
Josie: But, it could work, right?
Vardemus: I suppose it could. However, it would require a certain level of black magic and I know how your father feels about practicing such sorcery.
Josie: It's life or death.

Josie: I hate myself for having to ask you this, but cut to the chase. Who are you going to choose?
Landon: I still don't know because I am not him. I'm a prismatic hologram from your subconscious. I only know what you know. You have to find out what he knows.
Josie: Yeah, but he's holed up in the library doing research, and avoiding everything.

Okay, squad. We have a problem.


So, tell me, how is it we've both forgot the same person?


Freya: Hope!
Hope: Aunt Freya.

Rafael: I thought Malivore could only release one monster at a time.
Hope: Yeah, that's what we all thought.

Lizzie: We have bigger drama. Josie and Landon are having sex tonight.
Hope: What?
Lizzie: There's a decade dance.
Hope: Okay, well that doesn't mean...
Lizzie: She asked me to find an excuse to stay with my dad.

Legacies Quotes

Alaric: Cheater!
Hope: You should really get a vampire to start doing my training. You're getting a little old for me to break your human bones.
Alaric: How dare you.

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Alaric: Block with your hand.
Hope: I got it.
Alaric: If you had it I wouldn't have to say it.