Lydia: It's all my fault. If Lucas hadn't seen us together, Anne would not have been raped.
Olivia: Lydia. This is not your fault.
Lydia: Oh, that's right. It's God's fault.

He said, she said, God said. I don't want God to get the last word.


Anne: My mother thinks I'm napping. She's afraid I'll go to see Lydia.
Olivia: Do you want to see Lydia?
Anne: Lydia's a good person, even if she's... um...
Olivia: Homosexual? You're a good person too.
Anne: Man's law and God's law say two different things and I don't know which to believe.
Olivia: Maybe you don't need to know. You just need to tell the truth.
Anne: About my feelings for Lydia or what Lucas did to me?
Olivia: You know, Anne, I believe in God too. I don't know what He has planned for you or me or anybody. But I do know one thing. What Lucas did to you was wrong.

Lucas: She was assaulted. Is that what she said happened?
Carisi: No. That is what happened. She was raped.
Lucas: No it wasn't. I would never rape anyone. It was curative intercourse. I was saving her soul.

Anne: I would never have sex with a boy.
Olivia: Because you're a lesbian?
Anne: No! Yes I have feelings for Lydia but... I'm saving myself for marriage. I'm a virgin. Or I was.
Olivia: Honey, listen to me. If you didn't want to have sex with that boy, it's rape.

Lydia: The church has brainwashed her, convinced her that being gay is a sin. I haven't seen her since I moved to New York until tonight.
Fin: What'd you guys do?
Lydia: We had a drink... just a soda, and then we came back to the room. Then the chaperone knocked on the door and said lights out. Anne sneaked me her room key so I could come back later.
Fin: How much later?
Lydia: Maybe 30 minutes. I figured everyone was asleep. I came in and she was crying and she told me she'd been raped.
Fin: She said that?
Lydia: In so many words. She said, "He made me."

Olivia: So Anne, can you tell me what happened?
Anne: I'm... I'm not really sure.
Lydia: She was raped! She would never have sex with a man. She is a lesbian!

Father: Anne? Were those guys bothering you.
Anne: Lydia got rid of them.
Father [perturbed]:: Oh. Thank you Lydia.

Abby: I haven't heard from Steven in three days. He won't return my calls.
Olivia: If you want him, fight for him. But if he doesn't get it, he's not worth fighting for.

Benson: You're considering making a deal?
Barba: The facts are not on our side.
Benson: No registry? You can't be serious.
Barba: I can be pragmatic.

Abby: Steven will never forgive me.
Olivia: The question is, will you be able to forgive yourself if you walk away now? They are shaming you to get you to walk away. You didn't do anything wrong, Abby.

Declan: I think you guys got it wrong.
Benson: So enlighten us.
Declan: I'm a healer. My work involves a lot of intimacy, and sometimes that includes consensual sex.
Fin: If it was all consensual, why did Abby say you raped her?

Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Quotes

Guy: There's always something with these people.
Fin: These people?
Guy: Immigrants.
Fin: And your people came over on the Mayflower?

You said he had a loaded gun? He's lucky to be alive.