It was Dodds' time. It wasn't yours.

Dr. Lindstrom

To the bravest cop we ever worked with. Sergeant Michael Dodds.


You know about Matt? He's in Mexico somewhere, getting his life together for the 50th time.

Dodds Senior

Carisi: Lieutenant, are you all right?
Benson: No. We didn't search Munsen, so I left Dodds in there. This is on me.

You know what? I'm so tired of women telling me what I need to do. I know what I need to do.


Whatever you think of me, my kids are my life.


Rodriguez: You think a jury's gonna look at a bunch of junkies and then at him and believe them?
Barba: Yes I do.

If you think you're leaving me, you're dumber than I thought.


It took a minute, but you grew on me.


Benson: I understand you wanting to leave. But in situations like this...
Mrs. Munsen: Women get killed.

Rollins: He been around lately?
Woman: Yeah. That son of a bitch been around.

Do you want those two little girls growing up thinking there's no chance? Or do you want them to see their mother fight?