Okay, look, she is sixteen years old. Best case scenario, she met a guy and lost track of time. Worst case scenario... let's not go there.


Well, we can't have that! What are you, 15?
Haley Sixteen. Sweet Sixteen.

Haley Oh! You're scaring me. Clown Mask Guy

Under the cold hard facts, she broke the law, but as Judge Goldfarb will instruct you, breaking the law is permissible in the case of necessity. And this is the definition of necessity.

Defense attorney

When the law is wrong, when the law is harmful, we have to find the courage to disobey it.


Stone: I feel like a priest today, everyone unloading their guilt.
Benson: Well, that should tell you something. This wasn't police business.

Dr. Franchella: You really have to use handcuffs?
Fin: It's standard procedure.
Franchella: Just be careful. Once this nonsense is over, there's lots of children who still need my help.

Stone: There is still the ethical question that she might have saved some other child.
Zoe's mother: Don't. Just don't. She cut open my daughter's chest and ripped her still-beating heart out.
Zoe's father: We weren't even given a choice.
Zoe's mother: She stole body parts. There is nothing ethical about that.

Benson: And you just assumed the parents would consent? You didn't even have a brief conversation?
Dr. Franchella: With all due respect, there was another child to consider, a child that was alive.
Benson: But you didn't get consent from the parents.
Franchella: Why does that matter?
Benson: Because the law says you can't harvest organs without consent.
Franchella: Come on. You'd never bend the rules to save a life? I didn't think so. You don't strike me as an absolutist. So let's have some respect for each other. I could never do your job. And I don't think you're in any position to judge how I do mine.

Benson: I need to take custody of this cooler. This organ may be evidence of a crime.
Pilot: There's a terminally ill boy being prepped for a heart transplant right now.
Benson: Well, he's going to have to wait for another one.
Pilot: He needs this one. He's been on the transplant list for three years. So are we good to go?
Benson: I don't know. I need more time.
Pilot: It's wheels up now or this little boy is probably going to die.

Carisi: Hey Rollins, what was the dumbest thing you ever did as a kid?
Rollins: Me and Stevie Harris used to steal our dad's .22s and go down to the stump and shoot cans. One day I dared Stevie to hold the can at arm's length and dead-eye Amanda shoots a bullet hole through his shirt sleeve.
Carisi: Remind me never to go to the practice range with you.
Rollins: Remind me never to let Jesse leave the house.

Rollins: So she's been in the rec center this whole time, and her friends told us they hadn't seen her. They lied to us.
Benson: Pick them up.

She's gotta be here somewhere. Kids today don't go anywhere without their cell phones.