Sara: Yeah, I definitely talked to him.
Benson: Okay well we spoke to him as well and he said that you two had consensual sex.
Sara: We did? Well, I don't remember that, or anything else for that matter. Okay, is that it?
Benson: No, there's one more thing. Sara, the lab results came back and it showed two separate semen samples.
Sara: Two samples. Are you saying two men raped me?

Rollins: Do you recognize this woman? Bartended at the party last night?
Hendricks: Pleasant looking woman.
Cynthia: May have ordered a drink from her. Why?
Rollins: Well, she may have been assaulted.
Cynthia: At my father's party? In front of 100 people?
Carisi: We're still investigating. Were there any young male guests at the party?
Cynthia: It was mostly friends. Company executives. Older crowd.
Hendricks: There was Eric. My grandson. I'm sure he didn't assault anyone. Fine boy, an up and comer. He lives with me.

Did you have anything to drink, Sara? Not that it matters.


Girl: I think I've been raped.
Benson: I'm so sorry. Can you tell me what happened?
Girl: I can't. I don't remember anything.

Sonny: When was the last time you were at Nadine's loft?
Gabriel: Two months ago. She broke it off with me. I never went back.
Fin: Why would anyone ever break up with you, Gabriel?
Gabriel: She said she was happier being a lesbian. Crazy bitch.

Fran: I hired a private detective to protect Theo. You saw that party.
Benson: We don't know that Theo's disappearance had anything to do with that party.
Fran: Well, who else could it be?
Benson: You tell me. A lot of child abductions turn out to be orchestrated by the non-custodial parent.
Fran: What are you saying, that I'm a suspect?
Benson: I'm saying that we're going to be going through your phone records and your bank statements and talking to the PI and getting a warrant for any of the photos he may have taken. If there's anything you want to tell me, now would be a good time.
Fran: Wow. Yeah. I didn't take Theo. I just hired a lawyer. I'm going to fight for him in court.
Benson: When was the last time you did see Theo?
Fran: Two weeks ago. And before you judge me, that's all Nadine would agree to.

Fran: You had a party like that with Theo there?
Nadine: No, he was fine, he was fine! He was wearing his headphones!
Fran: What are you talking about? He is missing!

Nadine: I know what this must look like, but I would never do anything to put my little boy in danger.
Benson: Okay, but we're going to need you to come down to the station and give us a full statement.
Nadine: Am I in trouble? Because those aren't mine.
Benson: Right now all we care about is finding your son.
Benson: Right now

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Nanny: I offered to stay over last night, but Nadine said that I should go home.
Sonny: What time was this?
Nanny: Nine. I tucked Theo in bed and then I went home and when I came back this morning, the front door was open.
Sonny: What time was that?
Nanny: Seven thirty. I made sure to be on time. I knew Theo would need me.

Cop: Father's not in the picture. Mother... had some friends over last night.
Rollins: This is more than some friends over. With a six-year-old in the house?

Noah: Mommy! Mommy look!
Olivia: Noah! Don't move. Ed, I gotta call you back. Noah, honey, what are you doing up there? What are you doing my love?
Noah: Please... I can have a cookie?
Olivia: Oh honey that's so dangerous. You gotta ask Mommy first, right? You could have fallen down and hurt yourself. Oh Noah... time for bed sweet boy.

Quinn, this is not your fault, you hear me? Guys like Cole, they're predators. They look for light and they look for goodness and they try to steal it. Promise me you will not blame yourself for this.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

It is better to live a life of infamy, than a life of obscurity.


Fin: Was he short or tall?
Quinn: Medium height, medium build.
Fin: Could you tell if he was black or white?
Quinn: No. But it doesn't really matter. I think I know who did this. His name is Ray Wilson and he's been stalking me since college.