I think if they get 20 years, they're getting off too easy. But when you sit down with them, play dominoes, you wonder, are they the same guy 20 years later they were when they went in?


Fin: A lot of things are changing around here. I mean, Rollins got a baby, you got a baby.
Benson: You want a baby? (pause) You want a life?
Fin: This is my life.

This woman, she was the only person who cared about these guys.


My husband didn't rape anyone two nights ago because he was here with me.

Richie's wife

Carisi, you're holding your back. Are you sure you don't have to go to the ER?


I got cancer, colon cancer. I'm not running around town doing anything.

Gregory Searle

You people know about this homeless shelter full of deviants?

Sophie's dad

Or we can get your PO officers down here, check your calendars and a spot check for drugs.


Fin: Why keep all this?
Sonny: Cause they're Catholics. They don't get rid of anything. They just bury it.

Sonny: You still believe in God. Well He's here.
Eugene: If He is, he's damning me to hell!

I still go to mass. Every Sunday. During this case I've been going twice a week.


Tucker says there's no point. His cousin doesn't have a soul to save.

Mike Dodds

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Distasio: On the word of a maid.
Finn: My grandmother was a maid.

These cases are about perception, not reality.

SVU Chief Mike Cutter