Benson: I thought we were like family. So why do I have to hear this from Dodds?
Fin: Dodds has a big mouth.

Benson: Fin. It doesn't excuse what he did to Tiana, but Malik was brutalized too.
Fin: You and I both know it's not what happens to you that matters, it's how you deal with it.
Benson: Go home, Fin.
Fin: And what, talk to my parakeet?

Listen to me. You can be whatever you want to be. I know Malik is your family. But just because he is your family doesn't mean he wants what's best for you.


When I was 13, all I wanted was a puppy. But then we never had enough money. No movies, no going out, Malik said we couldn't afford it. I couldn't sleep at night, worrying about what might happen if we couldn't make our rent. I just wanted the bad stuff to go away for a little while.


Benson: So Malik trafficked his mother too?
Fin: And they're both blaming it on Tiana.
Benson: Man, that family's had it rough.
Fin: No different than any other family growing up in the Projects. Some make it out, some don't. But we all make our own choices.

Benson: Actually, you do have a choice, Tiana. Either you go back to child services or we can arrest you right now.
Tiana: You too? So all that nice lady, trying to be my friend was BS? You don't care about me! You don't want to help me. I know my brother loves me!

Benson: You really want to get Malik.
Fin: This guy is the worst kind of predator. He betrays his own. His sister loves him and he's throwing her away.

What if I say I wasn't raped? No crime, no police, right?


Daddy left when I was ten. Mama went to prison when I was 14. Malik was the one who made me waffles. Told me no TV if I didn't finish my homework. He took care of me.So of course I'm gonna do whatever I can to help him out.


It's not like he's gonna confess to trafficking his own sister.


How can it be rape when I paid for it?


FourStroke: I didn't rape that bitch!
Fin: Who says we're here about a rape? Let's talk about this down at the station.
[Fin cuffs FourStroke]
GIrlfriend: How could you?
Fourstroke: Put my chicken in the microwave.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

I don't often go against the wishes of the victim's parents, but I don't want to see another child die simply for being who they are.


I wouldn't do that to her! I know what it's like to be raped! I went in at 18, 140 pounds, what do you think happened to me?