If you walk out this door, you're saying nothing happened. And you're also going to have to live for the rest of your life knowing there was something you could have done to make this right.


Last I checked, lying on the Internet'll put you in office, not put you behind bars.


Andy: We had rough sex, but it was consensual. Then an hour ago she sends me this. That's why I called you.
[Hands Sonny phone]
Sonny: [reading] Give me $10,000 or I'll tell the cops you raped me.

Benson: You know I've never had a normal family life. It would be nice if someone had my back.
Rollins: That doesn't sound good. You know, we have your back here.

Benson: So, Noah, you're having a good time with Grandma Sheila, huh?
Noah: Yeah. I wish I could meet Ellie.
Benson: I'm sorry, what?
Noah: Grandma Sheila told me about her.
Benson: What did Grandma Sheila say?
Noah: She said Ellie loved me so much.

Cop: You'd better hurry. The vic's thinking about leaving.
Rollins: Was she raped or not?
Cop: Depends what time you ask her.

Laurel, I've been doing this a long time. Women who have been raped and children who have been abused don't say 'we did this' and 'we did that.' They talk about what their attacker did to them, like you told me about Greg Harvey.


Benson: Greg Harvey had the same aftershave as your father and he wore the same watch. I think, Laurel, that when you stabbed Greg with those scissors, you weren't stabbing Greg. You were stabbing your father.
Laurel: I loved him.
Benson: But you hated what he did to Leah.

Laurel: It starts in your belly, doesn't it, and then it bubbles and bubbles like the lava in a volcano -
Leah: Laurel, stop talking!
Laurel: SHE KNOWS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. The hate bubbles and bubbles and it spreads until you can't stand it anymore and you have to do something.
Benson: What did you do?
Laurel: What did you?

That's why I stopped Greg when he was kissing me, cause I was thinking of Daddy. I was thinking maybe he was watching me, maybe he was thinking, 'What kind of slut did I raise?'


Laurel: Why do you do this? It's pity, right? You pity the pitiful.
Benson: You couldn't be more wrong.
Laurel: And you're not Jesus! You can't save me!

It was dark. There was a streetlight shining in and a breeze was blowing the curtains while he was... I kept thinking, if I could just grab the scissors...


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Dodds: The woman had options. When she saw she was assigned with Carter, she could have turned around, decided not to fly.
Benson: Optimum Air knew Carter raped her and they put her in the cockpit with her.

Benson: I'm just gonna be honest with you. These medical records show that you weren't looking for doctors to help Mariel get better. You were looking for doctors who would agree with you that she was sick.
Dawn: No. I'm a good mother. I was raised in an ugly, abusive household and I am blessed to have a daughter to love.
Benson: That isn't love! That's what you wanted, not what he wanted! I mean, what she wanted.