Carisi: Who wants to call the sergeant?
Fin: The new guy.
Carisi: Still??

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Make the case airtight, and I'll charge. Or else let him go.


Marcy: God dad I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
Luke: It's not your fault. Not your fault.

Rollins: This guy rapes a 16 year old virgin on the bathroom floor of a pizzeria -
Benson: Welcome back to SVU.

Rollins: The yogi comes over and taps me on the shoulder, I didn't even tense up.
Benson: Good for you.

I can't change the past. You have to fix it.


I said what I said on the stand, because I'm too - I'm too old for jail. I put you in a horrible position. Can we start fresh? I mean even Gabriella's forgiven me!


Barba: Jury's back.
Amaro: In 20 minutes?

I still have nightmares where he used that same language.


Amaro: Okay pop, you're always right.
Nicolas: Ha, took you long enough.

He beat my mother, and she'd testify for him if he'd ask.


So it was her fault? She deserved it, just like you did?