I don't need any more time or any more help. I just want to plead guilty in front of everyone.


He is my son. He is 22 years old. He graduated suma cum laude from Dartmouth. He has a six figure job. And you want to destroy his life because he had sex with some drunk girl?


Just because I don't remember what happened doesn't mean I wasn't hurt.


Barba: He lied to save your ass. In my world, that gets you disbarred.
Olivia: Yeah, in my world it gets you a promotion.

This is not the same as you and me. This is different. Your son raped an unconscious girl. This isn't going away, Patrick.


Olivia: Patrick, you have to listen to me.
Patrick: On my shield, he will be here first thing tomorrow morning. We want nothing more than to prove his innocence.

It sounds so weird. That I was raped. Cause I was.


Fin: Why didn't he say his father's a cop? First thing I taught my son, never talk to the cops.
Carisi: He thinks he didn't do anything wrong.
Fin: That was his second mistake. First mistake was humping a passed out girl.

Olivia, I wish I could say it's nice to see you. Let's go.


Fin: Do you two know each other?
Olivia: My first partner.

He raped her. Son-of-a-bitch raped my cousin.


Rollins: Janie, do you know why you're here?
Janie: Because I was an idiot and drank too much and got alcohol poisoning.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Nanny: I offered to stay over last night, but Nadine said that I should go home.
Sonny: What time was this?
Nanny: Nine. I tucked Theo in bed and then I went home and when I came back this morning, the front door was open.
Sonny: What time was that?
Nanny: Seven thirty. I made sure to be on time. I knew Theo would need me.

Nadine: I know what this must look like, but I would never do anything to put my little boy in danger.
Benson: Okay, but we're going to need you to come down to the station and give us a full statement.
Nadine: Am I in trouble? Because those aren't mine.
Benson: Right now all we care about is finding your son.
Benson: Right now

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