Fin: Was he short or tall?
Quinn: Medium height, medium build.
Fin: Could you tell if he was black or white?
Quinn: No. But it doesn't really matter. I think I know who did this. His name is Ray Wilson and he's been stalking me since college.

Changing who you are, who you really are is almost impossible, so let's embrace the venerable and double down on who they already are.


Benson: You're gonna retire? To do what?
Tucker: To do nothing. To smell the damn flowers. Hopefully with someone like you.

Tucker: I live three blocks from this palce. I never knew this place existed.
Benson: It takes time to explore.
Tucker: Exactly.
Benson: Something wrong?
Tucker: No. Just the opposite. Everything's just right.

Lawyer: It's not his job to talk, it's mine.
Benson: Then why don't you speak on his behalf for once?

She's just a kid. It's not her fault that some man in a dress got attacked.


The reason my skin was under her fingernails is cause we had sex. Eva and me are dating. We're in love.


Cash the check first, worry about principles later.


Yeah, that's me? Who cares?


Logan: Look, I didn't lie. I just...
Benson: You just chose not to tell the truth.

Hype: Keep at it, G. You can be the next Eminem.
Fin: And you can be the next brother from Harlem doing time.

HE looked like a girl. So when I found out the truth, I made a few jokes.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Sara: Yeah, I definitely talked to him.
Benson: Okay well we spoke to him as well and he said that you two had consensual sex.
Sara: We did? Well, I don't remember that, or anything else for that matter. Okay, is that it?
Benson: No, there's one more thing. Sara, the lab results came back and it showed two separate semen samples.
Sara: Two samples. Are you saying two men raped me?

I'm not a victim.