Hey? Can I ask you something? My son? What is his life like?

Birth mother

I am sorry that a girl is dead and if I could help you I would.


Is there anything I can tell the parents?


My dad has a saying. Little kids you find, elderly you find, teenagers you solve.


She said she wanted to go from a pool girl to a cool girl this year.


Acting out? That's not like our daughter.

Mr. Evans

Mrs. Evans: Lily doesn't know any Diego.
Sonny: She does.

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You do not get to say no to your husband.

Pastor Eldon

The priest I had growing up, he saved my life. But you only ever hear about the bad ones.


I'm sorry, Mama. He told me that's what people in love do.


You tried to pin this on a boy? You should be ashamed of yourself.


Pastor Eldon: So that's where you're going with this?
Fin: Any reason we shouldn't?
Eldon: Respect.

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Law & Order: SVU Quotes

So you interrogated Louis Hoda for over six hours before turning on a camera. In all that time you didn't coerce him, you didn't threaten him?


Did Mrs. Barnes say no? In fact, she cried. Do you know that what you just described is rape?