Andre? That boy saw his father get shot. No child should ever see that.


If this is what it's like having a teenager, I'm never gonna be ready.


Benson: What happened to you?
Barth: Excuse me?
Benson: You were a judge. You had respect for the legal system. You had compassion for victims.
Barth: I still do.
Benson: No, you don't. You're letting a rapist like Sir Toby use you.

Lakira: You're too late. Dakota's dead.
Kat: What? What happened?
Lakira: I don't know. They won't even tell me. They say I'm not her family. I'm her family.

Mrs.Bouche: Ivy is like me. She pushes things, but she knows when to stop. Right, Ivy?
Ivy: Right.
Mrs. Bouche: No more partying, right Ivy?
Ivy: No more partying.
Rollins: I hope you mean that. Ivy, I'll void your arrest for now but if you act out again, I'm picking you up.

Rollins: How did it go with Pilar?
Benson: She feels like she's the one on trial instead of Sir Toby.
Rollins: Well, she's right.

How can they do this? What does any of this have to do with what he did to me?


Joelle: I thought he was in for a year.
Fin: It's a split sentence. He does six months now and six months later.
Joelle: Does that mean he can just come by?
Fin: No. Your order of protection is still good for a year.
Joelle: I hope so.

How many innocent men have been convicted in the name of the MeToo movement?


Attorney: My client Toby Moore is the real victim here. This is a sham trial and the NYPD has had a vendetta against him from Day One.
Kat: I thought this case was over when we arrested him.
Fin: Cases like this are never over, not even when they're over.

The scary part is, this guy works in a bar and had no trouble finding five guys who wanted to go along with this.


Piper: That night, I didn't feel right. I called my mom and she took me to the ER. They did a rape kit and 10 minutes in I felt this ringing in my ears and... a stroke, and later seizures. Always a surprise. They said the drugs could have triggered it.
Mrs. Knight: We didn't go to the police because she didn't remember anything.
Rollins: How long ago was this?
Piper: About three months ago. That's the night my life ended.
Mrs. Knight: Honey! Don't say that.
Piper: It did, Mom. It did.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Lucas: She was assaulted. Is that what she said happened?
Carisi: No. That is what happened. She was raped.
Lucas: No it wasn't. I would never rape anyone. It was curative intercourse. I was saving her soul.

Stone: I feel like a priest today, everyone unloading their guilt.
Benson: Well, that should tell you something. This wasn't police business.