Zoe: I need to speak to a detective.
Olivia: I'm Lieutenant Benson. What can I do for you?
Zoe: I was raped.
Olivia: I'm sorry to hear that. Do you know who did it?
Zoe: [looks at newspaper]: Yeah. Him.
Olivia: Eli Colton?
Zoe: The King of Wall Street.

Carisi: Any word?
Fin: Stop asking!
Carisi: It's just, Sergeant Tutoloa has a nice ring to it.

Carisi: It seems like it should be a sketch on Saturday Night Live, but unfortunately it's real.
Rollins: Yeah, there's a lot of that going around lately.

Will: I don't want to betray anyone.
Sonny: You don't owe Dalton a damn thing. He is a predator. He is everything you are trying so hard to overcome. And if you protect him, he's going to rape again. And that's gonna be on you.

Barba: Motion to suppress.
Benson: Suppress what?
Barba: Dalton's confession at the therapy group. They're claiming it's inadmissible because of clergy/congregant privilege.
Benson: Clergy/congregant? That's a stretch.
Barba: The law's evolving.
Benson: Okay. So worst case scenario, we lose the confession, what happens?
Barba: We're screwed. We lose the confession, we lose everything. Fruit of a poisonous tree.

Man: I refuse to betray the group.
Rollins: But you're okay with betraying three innocent women. Three. Three women who lie awake at night wondering who assaulted them.
Man: If I betray the group, I lose all credibility.

Rollins: It's obvious you didn't tell Carisi about your father.
Benson: Obviously, neither did you.
Rollins: Isn't my place. This genetics stuff... are you okay with that?
Benson: Oh yeah. I'm fine.

Nick: I know who the River Rapist is.
Rollins: What's his name?
Lawyer: Not yet.
Nick: He gags the girls with socks.
Sonny: Congratulations, you read a newspaper.
Nick: Wait. Wool socks. He uses them because they're nice and thick. And he smells like cheap cigars.

Mark Brown: You want me to tell you whether I have family in the area. What else do you want? Want me to wash your hair?
Rollins: No, we have people who do that. One of the few perks of being a cop.

Rollins: We are so sorry about what happened. Can we ask you some questions?
Jessica: Yeah.
Sonny: Did you see the man who did this?
Jessica: No, cause he came up from behind. But I heard his voice cause we talked a lot after.
Sonny: What did he say?
Jessica: That he was sorry. That he was just born to be a rapist.

Jessica: What can I do for you, Rodney?
Rodney: Go to dinner with me tomorrow.
Jessica: I'm working.
Rodney: Forget dinner then. Marry me.

Beth: I've been called back to base. I'm flying out tonight.
Benson: I thought you were going to stay two weeks for your mother.
Beth: Duty calls.
Benson: Why don't you take a couple more days? That would allow us to find your assailant and put him behind bars and give you the chance to heal. And in my experience, that's the only way to get closure.
Beth: Soldiers don't need closure. They need missions.

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Matt: I don't know, but she says it was so I dont know.
Buchanan: Well put.

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That would be true, if I was here.