Maggie: When he was two months old, Aaron noticed he was struggling to breathe. He has mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. It's a genetic thing.
Benson: So soon Drew won't be able to breathe on his own.
Maggie: I spend more time in Mercy Hospital than at home.

Typical Tuesday afternoon. The mom goes out to do her nails and do some shopping, dad comes home, duct tapes the sitter and takes their 10-month old son.


Martha: How dare you question my integrity?
Benson: Then how about you drop the armor? Can you stop talking to me like a media personality and talk to me like a human being? Can we just talk?

Benson: How bad was it?
Barba: Bad. The Titanic meets the Heisenberg meets my first day of Little League.

Barba: Well, she doesn't present as a typical rape victim.
Benson: Meaning? [pause] Martha Cobb has made a career out of playing fast and loose with the facts.
Barba: Fact: she was raped.
Benson: Yes, but that doesn't mean she should be endowed with sainthood.
Barba: Here we go.

I learned a long time ago, in this job it doesn't make sense to play politics.


Mrs. Platt: I can't believe they did this!
Rollins: Who?
Mrs. Platt: The people on the internet.

Cobb: Let me guess. You cried when Obama was elected and swore you'd go to Canada if Trump ever got in, yet here you are.
Benson: I was never going anywhere. And right or left, I want to find the person who raped you and make sure he is punished.

Benson: Okay, Rafa, I admit, I loathe what she stands for.
Barba: Yet it's your job to advocate for her.

Carisi: She got sexually assaulted with a cardboard tube.
Justin: Cool. When's the parade?
Carisi: You're happy about this?
Justin: She deserves it for saying a hurricane that killed 50 people is punishment for accepting people's sexual orientation.

Rollins: Anyone have a protest sign that looks like this?
Girl: So you can get people for protesting?
Rollins: This isn't about politics. A woman was raped.

Woman: The liberal snowflakes want to tear down statues of Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis... they seem to have forgotten that they were Democrats too. Just saying. That's why I come to colleges like Hudson, because I might be the only conservative voice they hear in four years.
Student: We don't want you here!
Woman: There is a totalitarian PC culture and I'm sick of it.
[students start marching]
Students: Go home. No Nazis. No KKK.
Woman: See? They are so brainwashed they've forgotten freedom of speech! Do you even know what you're fighting for?

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

It is better to live a life of infamy, than a life of obscurity.


Lucas: She was assaulted. Is that what she said happened?
Carisi: No. That is what happened. She was raped.
Lucas: No it wasn't. I would never rape anyone. It was curative intercourse. I was saving her soul.