Piper: That night, I didn't feel right. I called my mom and she took me to the ER. They did a rape kit and 10 minutes in I felt this ringing in my ears and... a stroke, and later seizures. Always a surprise. They said the drugs could have triggered it.
Mrs. Knight: We didn't go to the police because she didn't remember anything.
Rollins: How long ago was this?
Piper: About three months ago. That's the night my life ended.
Mrs. Knight: Honey! Don't say that.
Piper: It did, Mom. It did.

Benson: Tell the judge it's your cop instincts.
Carisi: Problem is, I'm an ADA now. I need evidence.

Luke: This is what I mean. It is open season on men.
Finn: If it was all consensual, why did you ghost them?
Luke: Is failing to call a girl back a crime?
Finn: No, but drugging and raping them is.

Those other detectives didn't believe me. I doubted myself. But now, seeing her.... he did to her too. I'm not crazy.


Jill: He wiped out my memory and no one will believe I'm drugged.
Benson: We believe you.

Kat: Seem like a nice guy to you?
Finn: For a rapist.

The DMV is more user friendly than these dating apps.


I just realized what happened. I was raped last night and they arrested me.


Benson: I had a whole speech prepared, but you are being promoted to Detective Second Grade.
Rollins: Really? I didn't think that was even on the grid after the year I had.
Benson: Nevertheless, you persisted.

Garland: It's not the first time I've been cast out. I'm used to it.
Fin: Don't take it personal. There's a reason they call them a flock. They'll never leave him.

Laura: The photos are fake! You have to tell them!
Garland: What about the payments? $250,000! I can't make this go away!
Laura: Then our relationship is over. Nobody in our church will speak to you or your wife or your little girl again.

Chase: The separation of the payments was Sister Sherry's idea. I don't recall this last one. I'd say to ask her but we all know you can't trust a word she says. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sermon to write.
Benson: About yielding not to temptation?