Nina: No one's ever came looking for me.
Martha: Who told you that?
Nina: Timmer.
Martha: And you believed him?

You gotta put me back in holding, now! Please! Before you make things any worse.


Benson: Declan shows up, deep undercover, as a trafficker, and we had to arrest him.
Barba: Declan Murphy, your former lieutenant undercover for whom, Vice?

Alright, so you gotta put your money on the Pats. They're gonna make sure New England wins this even if they gotta rig the last play of the game.


Benson: I don't know how you're still standing.
Martha: Well, moms dont sleep! You know that! They told me you have a little boy.

Little white girl like Ariel would be considered high class -- could be a special request.


Carisi's driving? Great.


They already won.


We're thinking it's maybe a set-up.


This is the final level of the game -- they call in the police, and when they rush in, they attack.


This is a game to them.


I won't make the same mistakes Sony did.