Laurel: It starts in your belly, doesn't it, and then it bubbles and bubbles like the lava in a volcano -
Leah: Laurel, stop talking!
Laurel: SHE KNOWS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. The hate bubbles and bubbles and it spreads until you can't stand it anymore and you have to do something.
Benson: What did you do?
Laurel: What did you?

That's why I stopped Greg when he was kissing me, cause I was thinking of Daddy. I was thinking maybe he was watching me, maybe he was thinking, 'What kind of slut did I raise?'


Laurel: Why do you do this? It's pity, right? You pity the pitiful.
Benson: You couldn't be more wrong.
Laurel: And you're not Jesus! You can't save me!

It was dark. There was a streetlight shining in and a breeze was blowing the curtains while he was... I kept thinking, if I could just grab the scissors...


Benson: All the eyes on Madison Avenue, they're all predators.
Laurel: Don't you ever feel like prey?
Benson: No. No, I don't.
Laurel: You can wear a badge and you can carry a gun, Lieutenant, but there's going to come a moment of weakness. The big fish eat the little fish and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Laurel: You know what I remember? That stupid National Geographic special, the antelope going after the cheetah, sinking his teeth into his flesh... I was thinking about the animals that got away. You'd think they'd learn, but there they are the next day, going across the plains...
Benson: Laurel, I want you to know that this is a very common first reaction, to blame yourself. But it's wrong.
Laurel: Not to the cheetah, it's not.

Benson: Hello, Laurel. Is it okay if I join you over there? [after no response] Can I call you Laurel? I understand that you might have been raped. That's okay. We have plenty of time, when you're ready we can talk -
Laurel: What's the point? You'll never catch him.
Benson: What makes you say that?
Laurel: Because I can't remember a damn thing.

They really are the perfect victims, aren't they? Girls struggling with emotional problems, mental illness, struggling with chemical addiction. Parents so desperate they'll pay anything to keep their babies alive.


Rollins: How do we appeal?
Barba: We don't.
Rollins: Lux is bad! There's 100 other vulnerable girls in there. This isn't right.
Barba: Sometimes the law misses right on the way to fair. You want to do something, find another way in.

The place looked like if you got dirt on your shoes, they'd be right behind you with a broom. Liv? Liv?


Man: Rosemary, our social worker. Rosemary, these are NYPD Detectives. Give them whatever they need.
Fin: Ma'am, we're here about Natalie Curtis.
Rosemary: Damn it. Sometimes I feel like we're fighting a war we can't win.

Man: We're a treatment center for troubled girls. We get runaways once in a while.
Fin: Why didn't you report it?
Man: I learned not to report it a long time ago. If they're not under 13, the report goes into a stack of paper that gathers dust.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Benson: Have him agree to pay the $10,000. If she shows up, she's a felon. If she doesn't, Monster's guilty of rape.
Rollins: It's THE Monster, FYI.

You know I'm human, right? And human people have sex, sometimes with people they love, and sometimes with people they don't even know.