Wheeler: Are you guys gonna jam me up on a solicitation charge?
Fin: Tell us what happened unless you want to jam you up on a rape charge.

Olivia: We'll certainly investigate but your wife doesn't remember much.
Mr. Miller: Maybe that's for the best.

Ms. Miller, whoever inflicted these injuries... unless you wanted that to happen, that's assault, maybe even rape.


Olivia: Your sister Kim made parole and now she wants to live with you.
Amanda: I know it sounds crazy. I should probably say no.

He's gonna get away with it. This whole case was a waste of time.


Barba: Are you telling me to dismiss this case?
Judge: Of course not. That would be an abuse of judicial power.

Benson: I'm doing the right thing.
Barba: I know. That's what worries me.

He is disgusting. But he's not a rapist.


Fin: I'm good. Bad guy went down, that's all that matters.
Olivia: Well if you ever feel like talking...
Fin: Talking's overrated.

Melanie: At least I know he did it this time.
Olivia: It's not your fault.
Melanie: Then whose is it?

Unpleasant and tragic, but well-done.


I turned him into a monster, a killer and a rapist. It's my fault.