Benson: There's about 100 cops downstairs, Miss.
Woman: You don't need to know my name.
Benson: If we're going to talk like human beings, I do.

Miguel: I thought you killed yourself.
Woman: I thought about it, but I didn't.
Miguel: Why didn't you?
Woman: If I am going to be your executioner, it's only fair you be given a fair trial.
Miguel: With you as judge and jury?

I will never have a husband, never have children. What was I thinking? Nothing will change. Nothing will change.


I told you, I'm a regular guy. I like to drink, go to clubs, pick up strange women. Look how well that turned out.


Man: He illegal?
Carisi: This isn't about that.
Man: Cause if he is, I will vouch for him. What's happening in this country is a disgrace.

Carisi: This is the wrong apartment.
Rollins: Miguel Lopez?
Carisi [looking at phone]: Sorry, pal.

I sound different now. I was different. I had hope. Look in my eyes. What do you see?


Woman: Are you afraid?
Man: If you want me to say I'm afraid, yes, I'm afraid.

Woman: I want to show you something.
Man: Show me what you got, baby.
[Woman pulls out a gun.]
Woman: Now do you remember me?

Woman #1: You're so lucky. At least the Buckleys are decent.
Woman #2: Yeah. I am.
Woman #1: But you don't want to be a nanny for the rest of your life.

Noah: When will she [Grandma Sheila] get out of the hospital? She doesn't look sick.
Benson: Noah, remember, I told you, Grandma Sheila is a different kind of sick. She is sick in the way she thinks.

These women, nobody cares about them. Their sell-by date has expired. So what do we do? We throw them in hospitals, forget about them. We can't put them out at the side of the curb for Wednesday morning pickup. The least we can do is keep predators away from them.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Fin: But he says he paid for what he got.
Olivia: For what he took. By force.

Darius: I was afraid.
Lawyer: How do you think Avery felt?