Sonny: Why didn't you call the police?
Woman: Lots of lights were on. I figured someone had called already.

Rollins: We have head wounds, signs of sexual assault...
Benson: Welcome back, huh?

My friend, she just partied too much, that's all.


The world is changing. We need new rules.


Chris: I can't be sure, but she didn't say no.
Barba: She didn't say no or you didn't hear it?

Abby: Chris is going to get up there and tell everyone lies about me!
Rita: Mr. Barba won't let that happen.

I never said no, exactly, but I told him not to go down there.


I was humiliated. Too afraid to tell anyone.


Women cops like you always take the girl's side.

Chris' mother

Mike: They made Chris look like Harry Potter.
Olivia: We've seen this before. The nerd defense.

Better yet, how about we call Notre Dame?


No. He raped my daughter. He should go to prison.

Abby's father