Adam: Tell them the truth for God's sake!
Mother: Adam! Everything's going to be okay.
Benson: Everything is not going to be okay! That ship sailed the moment Jack stopped breathing.

Rollins: I know he's our perp, but the kid's a victim too. There's no doubt the father is doing a number on him, the mother too.
Sonny: The mother?
Rollins: Yeah. She just sits there, stands by silently watching it all happen? That's abuse.
Sonny: I get what you're saying but it's not that simple.
Rollins: Yeah it is. Someone lays a hand on Jesse, I'm gonna have something to say about it. I guarantee it.
Sonny: Hold on, so this woman Helen, you don't think she's a victim too? You think her husband's sending her roses every day?
Rollins: Oh come on!
Sonny: Rollins, it's not just about the physical abuse. It's the shame.
Rollins: I know that. That's how bullies get away with being bullies.

Sonny: Listen. What you did to Jack, they're gonna lock you up for that. But if you can tell me who really hurt your wrist -
Kyle: I can't!
Sonny: Listen, if you're afraid of your dad, we can keep you safe. We can get you away from him.
Kyle: I love my dad. He's just helping me become a better player.
Sonny: Yeah, well, it's not gonna matter when you're in prison. You understand?

Mr. Wilson: Forget about the team, Jack. Just go ahead and tell them.
Jack: I've never seen him like that before.
Rollins: Who?
Jack: Kyle, okay. Kyle. It was like he was this whole other person. Timmy and WIll grabbed me. I couldn't move, couldn't fight back. Suddenly Kyle had the stick and he looked at me all crazy and he... and I just... I dunno. And then it was over.
Mrs. Wilson: I don't understand. He came to see you here at the hospital.
Mr. Wilson: We need some time.
Fin: Sure.
Jack: What's gonna happen to Kyle?
Fin: We're gonna arrest him.
Jack: Tell him that I know he didn't mean it.

Sonny: Kyle Turner?
Kyle: Yeah?
Mark: Who are they?
Kyle's mom: Adam, take Mark upstairs and call your father. What is this about?
Rollins: We're gonna need to talk to your son down at the precinct.
Sonny: And we're gonna need his hockey sticks, all of them.
Mother: Why?
Sonny: Because he's under investigation for sexually assaulting his teammate.

Sonny: So your name's Kyle? You're on the White Caps too?
Father: He's the star.
Olivia: So, Kyle, did you see anything unusual in the locker room after the game?
Kyle: No. It was quiet. Everyone just got dressed and went home.
Sonny: Did anyone give Jack a hard time about missing that shot?
Kyle: No. We're a team. Win or lose, we stick together.

Sonny: The victim's name is Jack Wilson. He's 13, he plays for the New York City White Caps.
Olivia: Which is?
Sonny: The best youth hockey program in the state. Now, Jack's team had a game this morning but they lost after he missed a last second shot. His mother noticed he was bleeding in the parking lot after, drove him over here.
Olivia: You talk to the doctor?
Sonny: Yeah. There was tearing in his rectum caused by a blunt instrument like a hockey stick. Sounds like a hazing.
Olivia: No, that sounds like sexual assault.

Fin: She's a stone-cold liar.
Benson: She is a psychiatrist who is sexually abusing teenage boys and emotionally damaging her own son. That's deeper than lying, man. It's pathological.

Dr. Keller: Some of my patients are victims of rape and the first thing I tell them is don't blame yourself. Easier said than done.
Rollins: Dr. Keller, you didn't answer our question.
Keller: I'm sorry, what question was that?

Benson: We spoke to Ethan Miller -- do you know him?
Dr. Keller: Of course. He's a friend of Luke's.
Benson: He says that you sexually assaulted him 10 or 11 times and then you moved onto Trey. Ethan was upset. He punched him and they both got suspended.
Dr. Keller: They're kids! They have sexual fantasies about older women. It's normal and natural.
Benson: There's nothing normal or natural about statutory rape.

Benson: You told us that you and Trey never had any problems. But you both got suspended a week ago for fighting.
Father: What's going on here?
Benson: Lying to the police during a homicide investigation, that's a serious problem. It could derail -
Father: All right, all right. Just... Ethan, tell them the truth.
Ethan: Can you leave?
Father: No.
Ethan: I don't want to tell them with you here.

Mr. Franklin: White kid shoots black kid, it's gotta be the black kid's fault, is that what you're saying?
Cop: No, it's not that at all. We're trying to find out what happened, that's all.
Mr. Franklin: Yeah, me too. I wanna know what happened. This doesn't make any sense.
Mrs. Franklin: I wanna see my son.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Phoebe: I wasn't with my Zach. Honestly, he's just a kid.
Sonny: Not your type?

Fin: Get your hands up.
Ana: Help me. Please!