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Rollins: You ever have a problem with Ken being gay?
Fin: Nah.
Rollins: Never?
Fin: Ok, I had to address it.

Natalie abused Luca but because she's a beautiful woman, instead of getting help, he's going to be getting high-fives


Rollins: Her life would have been a whole lot easier if she'd come out.
Fin: I don't know. Ken and Alejandro are out and look where it got them.

Benson: How's the new assignment?
Huang: Single, gay, Chinese-American man living in Oklahoma City opposed to the death penalty - it's heaven.

The emotions were so strong, they needed more, so I gave them what they needed.


I just wanted to give them a father's love.


You know I always dreamed about giving away my daughter at her wedding.


Amaro: We're pulling video, checking licenses, doing stop and frisks on white males.
Finn: Now that's a nice change of pace.

Now that right there is why I stopped marrying Italian women.

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